Broward County's Energy & Sustainability Program (ESP) works with community partners and across Broward County departments to reduce Broward's carbon footprint by engaging on energy efficiency and conservation, promoting renewable energy, and employing sustainability initiatives. Originally, the ESP program was implemented as one of the first recommendations from the Broward County Climate Change Action Plan. Now, ESP program staff continues to track and implement its progress through the Government Operations Workgroup and the Climate Change Task Force.

A few of our sustainability initiatives include hosting forums for sustainability leaders to share best practices, assessing sustainability through benchmarking, and endorsing green projects within county government. We invite you to learn more about all of our projects by accessing the links and resources available below;

Energy Sense: Conserving energy and increasing energy efficiency not only saves energy and the environment – it will also save money! Energy Sense is the energy information hub for Broward County. Find tips how to make "Energy Sense" at home and at work.

Seal of Sustainability: County projects and programs that can meet sustainability criteria may apply to be certified. In order to bear the coveted Seal of Sustainability "GoGreen Footprint" projects and programs must meet the triple bottom line of sustainability: Environment, Economy and Community.

Sustainability Stewards: Join a network of professionals working to make Broward County a more energy efficient and sustainable place to live. Quarterly workshops focus on local best practices and opportunities for collaboration.

STAR Sustainable Communities Rating System: The new national benchmark in community sustainability. Broward is the first county to be awarded the prestigious 4-Star Community rating, for our local efforts to achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Urban Land Enhancement Program: An extension of the 2000 Safe Parks and Land Preservation Program and the Land Stewardship Program that supports land enhancement and reforestation projects in urban Broward County.

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