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Community Development

333 NE 7th Avenue, a 14-story tall, 53-unit condo project

VPCA members voted overwhelming to oppose this project at the June general membership meeting but I am sorry to report that the project was effectively approved. On Tuesday, June 16, a city resolution to call the project up and hold a public hearing was defeated. As the project goes forward it will include a raised crosswalk at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 4th Street, as we had requested.

1770 East Sunrise Blvd – proposed to be a 9-story office/medical office building

The concern with this project is that all activity takes place on the south side of this building which backs up directly to Victoria Park. The delivery drop off is on the south side, as well as two external staircases. This building also contains a large terrace area which is also on the south side of the project and parking spaces for six motorcycles for some reason. This project is being reviewed by the city’s development review committee and will be approved once the DRC finds that it meets the code. The neighborhood has requested that the entrance and exit to the building, which is on Victoria Park Road, direct the traffic out towards Sunrise Boulevard with a curved curb cut.

Support Green Space Infrastructure

Finding the financing for community projects can often be the most intimidating part of the process. We have a vested interest in the success of our projects and local connection to the community.

Hammock Memorial Greenway

The extent of this ecosystem has been greatly reduced in Florida over the past 50 years. Hammocks are ideal for urban areas because they can be created almost anywhere in the built environment, from residential yards, to small spaces between townhome buildings, to roadside swales. The Victoria Park Civic Association partnered with City of Fort Lauderdale urban forestry services to develop the conceptual design and procurement of appropriate plant species. There are lights on the pathway in the evening. The aesthetics team continues to oversee the project as part of our green spaces.

Entryway Pillars and Urns

Victoria Park Civic Association come together with NCIP funding and local sponsors to bring existing green space and creating green corridors, linking parks and other green spaces around the neighborhood. We currently have entryway monuments on most collector streets coming into the neighborhood and with your donations we continue to care for the entrances.

These improvements were made possible by our agreement to keep them looking good, a commitment we proudly honor.

The VPCA is currently seeking ideas that will engage local community members through a variety of targeted events and activities around themes to become more aware of the importance of our urban environment, more familiarized with the natural environment within our community, and to feel more connected and responsible for the green spaces around them. Additionally, we are launching a fundraising effort to supplement our ongoing green space upkeep. This coming year, two big projects are planned in addition to ongoing maintenance: 1) Planting beds that were installed about 25 years ago need rejuvenation.  2) Irrigation systems in some areas are overdue for a maintenance.

Established in 1980 to “unify the residents and further their common welfare in the best interests of Victoria Park,” the VPCA, Inc. depends entirely on voluntary donations. We rely on graciously donated volunteer time and VPCA dollars to sustain these installations, spending about $20,000 annually.

Please support our Green Space Fund Drive by donating today

We all benefit from the generous donations of neighbors who choose to call Victoria Park their home; together we make it a neighborhood that continues to thrive!

All donations are meaningful; if every household sent a check for $20, we could fully fund our to-do list. You can donate online using the PayPal buttons below. Checks of any amount made out to VPCA, Inc. can be mailed to: VPCA, Inc., PO Box 4472, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33338. Please include a note that the funds are intended for Green Space.

One-Time Donation

Automatic Annual Contribution

Please select a payment level and schedule that suits you:

Monthly Installments

If you would like to schedule recurring donations in different amounts or on a different schedule, please email us your preferences at .  

Please select a payment level and schedule that suits you:

If a cash donation is not possible, your volunteer time is always welcomed! Please contact the Aesthetics committee about becoming a Green Space Guardian.

* The Victoria Park Civic Association, Inc. is a 501(c)4 “social welfare organization”.  Your donation is NOT tax-exempt for personal income tax purposes, but may be deductible as a business expense.