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Traffic Committee – Tasked with helping to implement the memberships’ wishes regarding traffic-related issues. You can get involved by becoming a Victoria Park Road Monitor. They observe and report any issues/concerns that are occurring on their local streets, such as potholes, downed street signs, and excessive flooding. All that needs to be done is send an email to . A “LauderServ” Request will be created and followed up to see when and what action is taken.

Children Committee – Aims to make Victoria Park a safe, fun, clean, and inviting neighborhood for families. We work alongside the rest of the VPCA board to coordinate neighborhood events, cleanups, and neighborhood improvement opportunities. We work to improve the neighborhood’s relationships with local businesses, governments, and residents.

Communications Committee – Aims to provide thorough and timely communication to members and neighbors. Tasked with working with the publisher of “The Victoria Park Times” to ensure relevant content, webmaster of the Association’s website, creator of the email blast schedule and content, and owner of all social media channels for the Association. The committee is actively seeking volunteers for newsletter column and website content writers. If you have a creative mind or like to work with others on creative projects, contact to learn more.

Crime Watch Committee – Tasked with crime and police matters and serves as the Police Liaison. We are currently seeking a chair for this committee.

Social Committee – Tasked with improving the unity and friendships within the entire community through the planning and execution of social events.

Aesthetics Committee – Tasked with improving the Victoria Park aesthetic environment and image.

Planning/Zoning Committee – Tasked with communicating the Association Membership’s point of view regarding zoning issues to the appropriate agencies. This includes active polling of members on locally important issues.

Membership Committee – Tasked with increasing the paid membership to the Association and with helping to increase active participation among eligible members.

Finance Committee – Tasked to complete a yearly audit of Association Finances and subsequently report to the Association.

Utilities Committee – Tasked with power company, telephone company, and cable service company matters.