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Underground Utilities Information and Survey

Survey Closes at Midnight on September 30th, 2021 and one submission per household is permitted.


Victoria Park Civic Association was recently made aware that some neighborhoods are having utilities moved underground. We have started the due diligence to understand if this is something the Victoria Park neighborhood is interested in doing. It’s a long process and we will be conducting a brief survey (sample size) to see if we should continue pursuing the project.  The survey needs to have results of a minimum of 75% to move forward. Although if a few blocks are interested (75%) then they can have the work done, although it will most likely be more costly.

There is a cost which each resident would be responsible for, and the payment (approx. $800/annually) would go towards a city bond.  One of the top reasons for neighborhoods choosing to have the utilities placed underground is the fact that power outages will be at a minimum.  Also, the industrial looking poles will be replaced with decorative streetlights.  If you drive through Weston’s neighborhoods you will see how the streets look when utilities are underground.

The city tasked Civic Associations with doing the work so my hope is that we can have constructive discussions as we give and receive feedback.

As President, I can assure you that each step will be measured, and methodical and all I ask is that our neighbors stay engaged in the process.  Below is more information that may answer some of your pressing questions. Nothing will be done without the neighborhoods consent,

  • Link to the Undergrounding Overhead Utilities Website. This website also provides access to the GIS component which will provide residents with up-to-date information on the status of their area application.  We will have to revise the steps on the GIS page to reflect the changes you require below (Item 2).  ****we have not applied****

  • Currently the Steps to Undergrounding Overhead Utilities are:
    1. Community Association Submits Application
    2. City and FPL Application Review & Planning
    3. Initial Design & City Commission Approval
    4. Balloting
    5. Commission Approval of Property Assessment
    6.  Bidding & Final Design
    7. Final City Commission Approval
    8. Construction
    9. Project Completion

It will take up to 3 years if the process goes smoothly. So by year 3 the shovels go in the ground and it take a year to complete give or take.

  • Cost which might be less because Victoria Park has more residents.  $800/year per household for 30 years
  • Costs will be given after a feasibility study is complete. Victoria Park residents (per household) will be responsible for paying for the study (approx.. $200 over a two year period)***need to confirm cost of study
  • The city takes out a bond for $$$ millions and the application for the bond needs to be approved.
  • We need 75% of the residents to want it and they don’t need to be members of VPCA.
  • If certain blocks reach 75% then we could have it done as projects, but it will be more costly than getting all of Victoria Park done.
  • There might be grants that offset costs. Would need to investigate and at this time we do not know anyone who can volunteer to assist in the process.
  • Process:
    • VPCA
      • President announces at Sept. 2021 monthly meeting
      • Survey monkey to get a gauge on responses (needs to include all residents if possible) Sample size
      • If a good response: then take a vote from residents (flyers, door knocking, emails, other)
      • If 75% want it
        • VPCA completes the application and submits to the city
      • Feasibility Study is conducted (City does the survey/and map out
        • Study results will include the cost to install the underground utilities
        • Notify the city if residents approve to move forward.  Application to the city.
      • City applies for a bond